WINNER’s debut song ‘empty’s popularity has been running long for more than a month after its release on the 12th of last month by ranking no.1 in Mnet ‘M!countdown’ on the 18th. It is shocking that it is getting back its no.1 popularity ‘reversely’ among new songs. So aren’t you curious of how the first MV shooting scene was like at the fan’s position?

WINNER’s first MV shooting left many things as much as the shooting in New York. We thought that they strengthened their immunity of going through whatever hardships since the  experience WINNER and staffs all went through New York. But the MV shooting(in Korea) was not that easy.

The geographical requisite gave an expectation that escaping from the shooting scene in Korea will take place as it is likely to happen since it is not a foreign country where language becomes an obstacle and should be gone by plane. But this was a very big delusion.

The 5-day shooting and insufficient break time that did not last 3 hours a day–including washing and sleeping time–were other hardships compared to the shooting in overseas. But after going all these hardships (?) the first MV of ‘empty’ has been made.

The unreleased still-cuts of ‘empty’ MV which is hard to believe was created through such extreme schedule are released through NAVER STARCAST now.


[Song Minho] Song Minho’s ‘bangs’ and long eyelashes that everyone had waited for were impressive, right? The picture which was collaborated by the shower that stopped like magic with the shutter sound after it came down, is like waterfall and gives mystique.


[Kang Seungyoon] Shooting done with other various vintage cars. Thanks to the ‘empty’ MV shooting, members and staffs all saw amazing cars which were hard to see usually.^^


[Lee Seunghoon] Lee Seunghoon went into his first shooting at dawn finally after waiting for his shooting turn when day became night one day. But the most asked question from Lee Seunghoon who never chafed was “Do I shoot now?”


[Kim Jinwoo]  The way of staying in shape, which was discovered by Kim Jinwoo, was by ‘not sleeping if he has to sleep improperly!’ Staffs kept admiring at Kim Jinwoo who kept on showing ‘flower-like appearance’ although he didn’t sleep much, “Is that the face of whom who didn’t sleep the most within the ‘empty’ MV shooting scene which was taken at the last shooting day?”


[Nam Taehyun] When the shooting was running to the end, this scene was taken less than 15 minutes. Nam Taehyun’s gloomy eyes are impressive. You would think that ‘that kind of person lives in that kind of house and would feel emptiness’. The set seems to be great since Nam Taehyun was filmed there.


[Song Minho] Song Minho stood in front of the camera with full of masculine expression in a great suit. This is the image of him who got praised by staffs since he becomes the ‘mood-maker’ that gives energy at the tired shooting scene whenever he stopped shooting.


[Kang Seungyoon]  Kang Seungyoon’s image of looking at the skies with mellow eyes with double-breasted jacket on is so impressive. He was devoted to the leader’s role by checking the monitor meticulously of not only his but other members’ shooting scene since a leader has to be slightly more diligent than hard-working members.


[Lee Seunghoon]  When we looked at Lee Seunghoon’s image of getting immersed in the shooting with a smart image soon right after (him) going around here and there at the shooting scene as if he was a bright younger brother in comfortable clothes whom has visited the shooting scene of his elder brother. We thought that ‘he is hiding his inner potential which he has prepared long for this moment’.


[Kim Jinwoo] Kim Jinwoo’s eyes actually shines with vitality, but he made viewers thrilled by showing misty eyes that makes one feel like ‘he seems to cry since he is immersed in too much’.


[Nam Taehyun] This is a picture which all staffs shouted out, “this must be release no matter what”. ^^ What words can be said? The only thing we want to say is ‘be aware of heart-pounding!’.
How did you like WINNER’s first MV shooting essay? We hope WINNER has become one step closer to you. Please be with their further steps also!
Source: Naver Starcast