UPDATE: BEAT APP NO LONGER PLAYS SONGS FOR INTERNATIONAL FANS unless you change your IP into Korea! You may still see what WINNER was listening to, but you cannot play any song. This only pertains affects those living outside Korea. So if you want to see what WINNER played, the tutorial still works. You can use Hola app or openVPN to temporarily change your IP address and listen to the songs.

What is Beat?

‘Beat’ is a free music player in Korea by Beatpacking Company. It is fairly new and is promoted by WINNER’s labelmates, Akdong Musician. It lets you see and listen to what songs WINNER played or are playing.

→ Download app through official app stores Google Play or iTunes. Or if none works, please follow below…


  • Follow this tutorial IF YOUR DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Google play or iTunes app download.
  • APTOIDE IS AN ANDROID INTERFACE . If you’re an iPhone user, you MUST download from iTunes. Please refer to this link for an apple device tutorial
  • It says the app is not available in my country or my device is not compatible.” or “I do not have permission to play the song” or anything of the like.
    • Update: Beat currently does not let international fans play songs anymore. You can still see what songs WINNER played, or are listening to but you cannot listen to them yourself.The songs will only play if you live in Korea or through IP address changing apps or ways.
  • “How do I change from Korean to English?”
    • You can’t change it.
  • “I tried to sign up but it still doesn’t work!”
    • Did you sign up using Facebook or Kakaotalk? There are some users who couldn’t sign up using those so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use email (preferrably gmail). If none of them works, try creating a new email and sign up using it.
  • “Is this for Korea only?”
    • No. Anyone can use it but it’s a mobile/tablet app only though.
  • You are NOT going to find WINNER on the FRIENDS search bar, they are on OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. 
  • If you encounter any problems AFTER reading the notes/FAQ and tutorial with no answer, please mention me with the following details:
    • Device: Android or Apple?
    • Which step did you stop on?
    • What do you see? Give me a screencap

UPDATE: The following tutorial is only if you cannot download from iTunes or Google play.


0. If your phone allows it, you can download BEAT app in Google Play or iTunes. If not, please follow the tutorial.

1. Go to this site and download & install APTOIDE app. This allows you to download BEAT app no matter what country you’re from or what type of smartphone you have.

2. Open Aptoide app and search ‘beatpacking‘. It will tell you it doesn’t have it in stores. So click on ‘Search more on Aptoide Website‘ then choose Chrome (I tried to use my mobile browser and it didn’t work)


3. Search ‘beatpacking’ at the Aptoide website and it should show up.


4. Install BEAT app.


5. Open BEAT app. It will ask you how to sign up: Facebook or through other ways. For this tutorial, we chose other ways.


6. You can sign up in 3 ways: Facebook, Kakaotalk, or through E-mail. For this tutorial, we chose email.


7. Fill in the following. (For those who downloaded through iTunes, it will be in Korean text BUT they will say the same thing.) Sign up.



8. It will prompt you to add friends. You can do so if you want. If not, just click on Next.

droid@screen-189. You will be greeted with random albums. CHOOSE ONE (it doesn’t matter which but try and choose an album with the yellow microphone icon next to it). The point of this step is to get you to ‘Friends’ which is how you’ll follow WINNER. If you see ‘FRIENDS’ at the top, then go ahead and click that.


10. The album you chose will play. Click on ‘Friends‘ at the top.


11. Look for Seungyoon, Taehyun or any WINNER member that shows up. (This is just a preview of recommended official accounts)


12. You want to see all official accounts so click on ‘See All Beat Official‘.


13. Follow WINNER and you’re DONE!


14. If you want to see what songs WINNER played/playing, just click on ‘See Alll Friends’. Then double-click on their pictures.



  • Be aware of HEARTS. Hearts are basically how many times you can play songs in Beat so yes, there is a limited amount.
  • How to gain hearts: 
    • TAKE A BREAK. The hearts will refill in a few hours.
    • Or do this: Bw85VPkIgAAHHAl


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or mention us at @With_WINNER.

Tutorial by: With_WINNER