Kang Seungyoon

“Born from “Superstar K”, acting in a sitcom, and even having his solo debut just recently, Kang Seungyoon is probably the most famous member of “WIN”. Being responsible for Team A’s vocals, he is also the one responsible for forging the bonds between the members as well, which isn’t hard to see for people who have been following the show. Because of Kang Seungyoon’s influence, Team A has gained the upper hand in having a larger influence in obtaining their fans.”


Song Minho

“Did you ever wonder why Song Minho’s face is so familiar? That’s right, before he entered YG, he starred in “K-POP Survival”. He was able to join YG this past year because he tried out in an audition. Due to his strong rap abilities, the teachers in the company were frantic at first because they didn’t know what else they could teach him.”


Lee Seunghoon

“Since Lee Seunghoon also participated in K-POP STAR, he is also a familiar public figure to everyone. Although he did not win at the time, he was already considered to be impressive enough to enter the Top 4. His specialty lies in dance and choreography, both of which have earned him public praises from Yang Hyun Suk.”


Nam Taehyun

“Team A’s maknae Nam Taehyun, he plays the role of Team A’s main vocals. Because he wanted to create his own music, he came to YG; however, the harsh practices he experienced have caused him much mental conflict. In the words of Yang Hyun Suk, “He’s a very talented person, so I want to dig more treasures out of him.”


Kim Jinwoo

“Having spent 3 years of his life as a YG trainee, Kim Jinwoo is also the oldest member out of both teams. He focuses completely on practice, leading Kang Seungyoon to even comment, “This hyung doesn’t sleep”. In addition, in the very first episode of the program, the scene where he shed tears uncontrollably after going back to his hometown to see his father touched the hearts of viewers everywhere.”

image source: 蹦擦擦_Acarose @ weibo
trans cr; winner-trans @ Tumblr