Wow! I didn’t think that Mino would actually have so much but he was an underground rapper under the name ‘Huge Boy Mino’ therefore you’ll see songs with him being called that! Also, as most of you know, he used to be a trainee for Block B under Brand New Stardom so you will hear a couple of songs with those references. Mino is a great composer and rapper and I absolutely cannot wait when he makes new songs for Team A!

I will update this if there are others I missed! (131002)

Compilation of Rap Mix

Mash Up Mix

Block B’s Zico feat. Mino – 4 my Town 

Block B’s Zico feat. Mino – What do I do?

Block B’s P.O feat. Mino – Dear My Wife

Block B’s P.O feat. Mino – Amino Acid

Block B’s Kyung feat. Mino – Be Quiet

Lightning Song

Mino covering BIGBANG’s ‘Lalala’

Roydo feat. Mino, Woo Taewoon, Scotch VIP – Celebration

(Pre-Block B) Hanhae, Kyung, Zico, Mino – Finale 2011 (Cut)

Mic on

I hate fuckin 개미



흔적 브릿지

(Pre-debut Block B) Zico, Kyung, U-Kwon, Hanhae, Mino – It’s not Over (Miss $)

Block B’s Zico feat. Mino – Who Am I?

Hanhae feat. Mino – 32 bar 

Who is that?


Mino feat. Incredible – Me!

Sick of you


Scotch VIP feat. Mino, Jolly V – No Time Out